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June 05, 2020

Welcome to my office

by Rachel Normand

We have been inspired by Zapier to collect some photos of where the engineers on our team work. It has been fun sharing and seeing lots of different workspace set ups. Here is our collection so far!

Home offices around the world

Rachel Davies (Bath, UK)

With underfloor heating and Archie the cat. Underfloor heating ftw

Patricia Leon (Miami, USA)

Coworking twins

Natalie Dixon (London, UK)

Definitely the coolest artwork... Great artwork

Andy Duncan (Cape Town, South Africa)

No distractions Empty desk

Mike Geyser (Johannesburg, South Africa)

With dog

Stefano Ceschi Berrini (Padua, Italy)

When your office doubles as your daughters' bedroom Sharing with daughters

Rachel Normand (Edinburgh, UK)

Standing desk

Cristina Grant (Miami, US)

Sitting or standing

John Illsley (Bath, UK)

Lamps and plants

Miklos Lukasik (Essex, UK)

A cat next to a mouse Cat working

Marco Bettiolo (London, UK)

Fresh flowers every week! Fresh flowers

Andrea Tosatto (Padua, Italy)

With Back to the Future artwork Back to the Future


Back when co-working spaces were open...

Rabea Gleissner (Singapore)

Hipster cowork

Charlotte Fereday (Madrid, Spain)

Another hipster cowork

Engineers on tour

One of the great things about remote working is the opportunity to work away from home for a while. Here are some of our engineers working in cool places.

Amy Yang (Chamonix, France)

Mountain views Mountain views

Amelie Cornelis (Helsinki, Finland)

University Library

Dalibor Novak (Somewhere in the world)

This is where Dali wishes he was working now... Somewhere beautiful

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