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  1. Talk: Sustaining remote-first teams

    04 August, 2020

    People around the world are now working remotely more than ever. Making this a great time to share more about how we sustain our remote-first culture at Tes. Our very own Rachel Davies was invited to give a keynote talk on this topic at Agile on the Beach conference. You can view the full recording of her talk below. We hope you'll discover some useful tips that help your own team work better…

  2. Welcome to my office

    05 June, 2020

    We have been inspired by Zapier to collect some photos of where the engineers on our team work. It has been fun sharing and seeing lots of different workspace set ups. Here is our collection so far! Home offices around the world Rachel Davies (Bath, UK) With underfloor heating and Archie the cat. Underfloor heating ftw Patricia Leon (Miami, USA) Coworking twins Natalie Dixon (London, UK…

  3. Hosting a remote Global Day of Coderetreat

    13 January, 2020

    Back in September 2019 we decided to host a Global Day of Coderetreat event. Since we're a remote first digital education company, this event would also be conducted remotely. The event would be globally available and would include people inside and outside of TES. A few questions you may have 🤷🏽‍♀️ What is a Coderetreat? Originated at the Codemash Conference in January 2009 by Gary Bernhardt…

  4. Remote pair programming - three tools we tried

    23 September, 2019

    My colleague, Federico, and I have done a lot of pair-programming recently - remotely, of course. He’s in Milan and I was working between the UK, Germany and Singapore. We tried several different tools, so I thought I'd write a review of our experience. Most of the time, when I’ve been pairing with someone at Tes, we use a Zoom call and screenshare that way. That usually works well for pairing…

  5. Personal README Experiment

    08 February, 2019

    You've all heard the old adage: There's no 'I' in 'Team'. Teamwork would be much easier if we were working with clones! But we are all unique so we have to find a way to figure out how to work with other people who don't think like us. Remember, we travelled different paths to reach the current point in our career and picked up different skills along the way. Often these differences are what help…

  6. The remote Christmas party

    23 January, 2019

    Our working culture at Tes emphasises a “remote first” approach. This means that any team member can work from any location. It’s awesome and it allows us to work with lots of lovely colleagues based around the world. It also means that if you want to go off and travel while working, you can go - no questions asked. Or if you want to come to our London office every day, that’s totally fine too. It…

  7. Tes Engineering Week 2018

    06 December, 2018

    The fact is, it's just easier to work remotely with people you've met in so-called "real-life" - folks you've shared laughs and meals with. One of the best things about working on a remote team is getting together in real life. Tes Engineering Week happens once a year in October. This year was the second edition after a successful trial in 2017. Individual teams get together fairly frequently…

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