React, or no framework?

This post is personal opinion rather than representative of the Tes development team in general. If you asked three other developers at Tes you’ll most likely get three different answers (and maybe three more blog posts after this one!). React has been the JavaScript framework of choice at Tes for the last couple of years, recently paired with Redux. Dozens of apps have been built in a variety of styles. Opinion across the whole development team has varied, from ‘Reactify the world’ to ‘use only if strictly necessary’.

Secure file uploads with redux-plupload, ClamAV and S3

We have recently added a new feature that allows a user to upload a file from our webpage. We implemented this using redux-plupload, ClamAV and S3 to satisfy the following requirements: the file should be uploaded from the client to avoid excessive memory use on the server while streaming files. the upload must be secure and the file must be stored securely (and ideally encrypted at rest). the file should be virus free so that it can be downloaded without worry.

Building an isomorphic react application

As someone new to the javascript and nodejs community, being asked to build an isomorphic React application was quite daunting. To be honest, I didn’t really know what this would entail. However, I do like a challenge and this task certainly presented me with many of them. The first was to find out what an isomorphic application actually was. I’d come across React before (it’s a javascript web framework built by the team at Facebook) and was looking forward to using it again.