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  1. Learning to lead

    21 February, 2020

    Things I've learnt since becoming a Principal Engineer At Tes, a Principal Engineer looks after one or more teams of engineers with the aim of helping the individuals grow and to enable the team to work together to develop and support our services. Principal Engineers across Tes Engineering meet every week and are "responsible for the overall health of the engineering team". Read more about our…

  2. Tes Engineering: managing without managers

    23 December, 2018

    The Tes engineering team could be seen as a managerless engineering team. It’s better described as an engineering team where the management responsibilities are shared across the team. If you’re wondering how this works, sit down and I’ll paint a picture. The Team The heart of the Tes engineering model is the autonomous product team. The product team is a group of 3 - 5 engineers, 1 product…

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