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  1. JavaScript Security 101

    07 December, 2020

    I recently completed the JavaScript Security: Best Practices course by Marcin Hoppe and wanted to share some key practical take aways I learnt on how to write more secure JavaScript. As well as reading this blog, I'd also highly recommend completing the course. It's short and sweet and hands on! JavaScript Threat Environments It's worth noting that there are two different threat environments…

  2. Asynchronous JavaScript

    23 November, 2020

    Here is a short recap of some fundamentals of using asynchronous JavaScript with some practical examples. Why do I need to use asynchronous code again? JavaScript by its nature is synchronous. Each line is executed in the order it appears in the code. It’s also single threaded, it can only execute one command at a time. If we have an operation that takes some time to complete, we are effectively…

  3. What is currying and why use it?

    11 June, 2020

    Here at Tes we sometimes use functional programming concepts when they help make our code easier to understand. With around 50 engineers working on approximately 200 microservices it's important that we make our code as maintainable as possible. One of the concepts that can help with this is currying. The theory Currying means that you turn a function with several parameters into several functions…

  4. Slimmer micro-services with async-define

    05 April, 2019

    Before introducing async-define, I'd like to give some context to explain what problem it solves and why we have to deal with these kind of problems at Tes. micro-services integration One of the most important decisions we had to take when designing our micro-service architecture, is how to make micro-services work together. This is a particularly tricky choice, because you should choose a pattern…

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