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  1. Notes from dotJS 2019:

    30 January, 2020

    The future of JavaScript, delicious buttery croissants and cold, freezing Paris in December. dotJS is part of dotConferences, an impressive series of tech conferences with the goal of bringing TED-like quality to the tech world. The ingredients for this succesful recipe are: Amazing speakers A single track program to keep everyone focused No WiFi to waste time with A massive and fancy theatre…

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  2. Restoring Mongo Data Using the Oplog

    20 January, 2020

    Everyone who works with data worries about accidental deletion and should have a good understanding of recovery strategies, ideally before an incident occurs. If you're using Mongo, you can restore data to an arbitrary point in time using the oplog, provided you are using replication and have a recent backup. This blog post will walk you through a simple data deletion and recovery scenario using…

  3. Hosting a remote Global Day of Coderetreat

    13 January, 2020

    Back in September 2019 we decided to host a Global Day of Coderetreat event. Since we're a remote first digital education company, this event would also be conducted remotely. The event would be globally available and would include people inside and outside of TES. A few questions you may have 🤷🏽‍♀️ What is a Coderetreat? Originated at the Codemash Conference in January 2009 by Gary Bernhardt…

  4. Tech Standards: Superagent

    06 January, 2020

    At Tes, we use superagent as our standard request library. Three years ago, a review of our codebase showed that we had six different request libraries in use on the client side across our different services: superagent, isomorphic-fetch, browser-request, whatwg-fetch, reqwest, and axios. Engineers had a discussion to try to find a single library to meet all our needs. The final criteria used to…

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