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  1. Mini Meditation - (re)gaining focus quickly

    28 July, 2020

    I first discovered the mini meditation technique during a "Work Smart, Not Hard" workshop by the amazing Paula Muldoon (@FiddlersCode). It is one of the techniques that she brought across from her high-flying violin playing days, when she made the career switch to coding. What is it? Mini meditation is meditating for a short amount of time. A few minutes can be enough. The meditation can be…

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  2. What is currying and why use it?

    11 June, 2020

    Here at Tes we sometimes use functional programming concepts when they help make our code easier to understand. With around 50 engineers working on approximately 200 microservices it's important that we make our code as maintainable as possible. One of the concepts that can help with this is currying. The theory Currying means that you turn a function with several parameters into several functions…

  3. Welcome to my office

    05 June, 2020

    We have been inspired by Zapier to collect some photos of where the engineers on our team work. It has been fun sharing and seeing lots of different workspace set ups. Here is our collection so far! Home offices around the world Rachel Davies (Bath, UK) With underfloor heating and Archie the cat. Underfloor heating ftw Patricia Leon (Miami, USA) Coworking twins Natalie Dixon (London, UK…

  4. Authentication and Authorisation 101

    02 June, 2020

    A few months ago I gave a talk at a Node Girls and Women of Security meetup to share a few things I have learned about authentication and authorisation since joining our Security Engineering team at Tes. You can see the video of this talk here. This post summarises some of the key points made during the talk, alongside some sketch notes and code snippets from an example app. Authentication and…

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