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  1. Asynchronous JavaScript

    23 November, 2020

    Here is a short recap of some fundamentals of using asynchronous JavaScript with some practical examples. Why do I need to use asynchronous code again? JavaScript by its nature is synchronous. Each line is executed in the order it appears in the code. It’s also single threaded, it can only execute one command at a time. If we have an operation that takes some time to complete, we are effectively…

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  2. Secure together: SnykCon 2020

    11 November, 2020

    I recently took two of my Tes training days to "attend" the inaugural SnykCon. It actually happened a few weeks ago, but thanks to it being a remote conference and recorded I was able to attend anyway, in my own timezone, without flying anywhere. Which I think is just fantastic. There was a good mix of content. I got exposed to some new ideas. Most talks were ~25 mins. tl;dr I would recommend the…

  3. Clickjacking explained

    10 November, 2020

    Clickjacking means that a user's click is highjacked for a different purpose. The user thinks they’re clicking on one thing, but in reality, their click is used to trigger something completely different. How's this possible? Let me explain. An example A malicious actor Alison creates a landing page with a very attractive offer for clueless user Ursula. It's so attractive that Ursula can't help but…

  4. Talk: Sustaining remote-first teams

    04 August, 2020

    People around the world are now working remotely more than ever. Making this a great time to share more about how we sustain our remote-first culture at Tes. Our very own Rachel Davies was invited to give a keynote talk on this topic at Agile on the Beach conference. You can view the full recording of her talk below. We hope you'll discover some useful tips that help your own team work better…

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