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  1. Authentication and Authorisation 101

    02 June, 2020

    A few months ago I gave a talk at a Node Girls and Women of Security meetup to share a few things I have learned about authentication and authorisation since joining our Security Engineering team at Tes. You can see the video of this talk here. This post summarises some of the key points made during the talk, alongside some sketch notes and code snippets from an example app. Authentication and…

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  2. Interview: Life in the Security Engineering team

    12 May, 2020

    George Maddocks was in our Security Engineering team for 6 months. In a short video, he tells us about his role in the team and what he learnt.

  3. 'With Great Power' - Making security documentation that matters

    10 May, 2020

    The Security Engineering team does not exist to check people’s work or to instruct. Instead we are there to engage with our teams of engineers. Bringing information, useful data and tools to support engineering teams in making the right choices for their products. Come meet STAN, a guide that plays a big part in this.

  4. Watching the Watchmen

    26 February, 2020

    Monitoring lets our teams know when something unexpected is happening in our live environment. However, systems change and so do teams. How should we keep our monitoring relevant?

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